Distributing the Client

Customers have access to two methods of distributing Android clients.

  • Android Market: Users download the app from the Android Market (where it is already available), and the app is customized with a user’s profile when activated. iPass will automatically upgrade the software every time a new version releases.
  • Private Distribution: For more control over distribution and branding, direct distribution involves downloading an installer (.apk file) from the Open Mobile Portal and distributing it through email, download link, private market, push software, or other means.

Market Distribution

The Open Mobile Portal includes user instructions for downloading and activating the client.

  • Click the Create Email button, to automatically create an email with default instructions included in the body.
  • Click Copy to Clipboard to copy the instructions to your clipboard. You can then paste the default instructions wherever they are needed (such as a website, document, or text editor).

Activation by URL

The activation and download instructions include an activation link. After the user downloads the app, the app can be activated by tapping on the activation link and tapping on iPass Open Mobile from the popup menu.

Private Distribution

To download an installer (.apk) file, click Download Software and Profile Installer. Direct distribution options can include:

  • Posting a download link on a Web site, then providing the link to the end users by email.
  • Emailing the private installer as an attachment. (Note that some email clients may not properly handle the .apk file attachments.)
  • Uploading the private installer to your private version of the Android Market. (Private installers downloaded from the Open Mobile Portal cannot currently be uploaded to the public Android Market).

Automatic Upgrades

Currently, all software upgrades are managed through the Android Market unless the profile has been assigned a custom package name (the custom package name feature is optional and may not be available to your account). Users will be notified when a new version is available, and they will be able to download the latest version of the app.

To ensure your users receive all important upgrades, we recommend you have them visit the My Apps section of the Android Market and select Allow automatic updating next to the app entry.

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