A client profile is a set of customization options that determine the features, policy settings, and behavior of the Open Mobile client. Profiles are created in the Open Mobile Portal.

The Open Mobile Portal

The Open Mobile Portal is a powerful Web-based tool that enables you to manage all of your clients, issues, and accounts in one place. To launch the Open Mobile Portal, browse to

The Open Mobile Portal includes the following capabilities:

  • Centrally manage your Open Mobile client profiles, including configuration, deployment, and testing.
  • View your open iPass Technical Support tickets.
  • Download important documentation.
  • Review your iPass accounts, including invoices and outstanding balances
  • Run reports on your user data.

Creating a Profile

To create a profile:

  1. Select the Configuration tab and then select Manage Profiles.
  2. Click the Create New Profile button on the top-right corner of the screen and then continue past the instruction page.
  3. Enter the following:
    • Profile Name: Enter a name for the new profile.
    • Platform: Select Android.
    • Software Version: Select Open Mobile Android.
  4. Click Save & Continue.

You can now edit the profile to enable your desired features. These features will include at least one account definition and your network policy settings. You may also wish to create and apply a brand to your profile.

Profile ID

Users who download the app from the Android Market without an activation link will need the Profile ID to activate. The Profile ID is automatically generated by the Open Mobile Portal.


A PIN (Personal ID Number) provides an extra level of security for users activating the client. Adding a PIN is optional and should only be applied to a profile if your users are downloading the app from the Android Market. A PIN is usually an alphanumeric string a few characters in length.

A PIN may not contain any of these special characters: space( ), dollar sign ($), ampersand (&), plus (+), percent sign (%), at sign (@), apostrophe( ‘), comma (,), forward slash (/), colon( :), semicolon (;), equals ( = ) , question mark (?), quotation mark (“), greater than (>), less than (<), pound sign (#).

To create an optional PIN for this profile:

  1. On the Configure a profile page, click Edit. The Edit Profile Details dialog box is displayed.
  2. Enter a PIN and click Save.

Once you have published to Test, you may no longer change the profile's PIN.

Profile Finder

Available in: Android 2.4 and later

The Profile Finder feature enables easier activation of Open Mobile for users who already have a profile ID for another platform. For example, a user may have Open Mobile installed on a Windows laptop. The Windows installation includes a profile ID (viewable on the About dialog). The user can use this Windows Profile ID to activate a new Open Mobile Android profile.

To enable the Profile Finder for your Open Mobile users, on the Open Mobile Portal, designate a profile as a Favorite for the Android platform. This will be the default profile received by your Android users. (Favorite profiles may not include a PIN.)

Subsequent to this, a user can download and install Open Mobile for Android from the Android Market. When choosing to activate Open Mobile on an Android device, the user can enter any valid profile ID (such as one from the Windows installation of Open Mobile). Open Mobile will connect to the Internet, use the supplied Profile ID to locate the Favorite profile for iOS, download it, and install it on the Android device.

More Information

For more information on creating and using profiles, see Manage Profiles.

Go to: Open Mobile for Android


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