Report a Problem

Open Mobile logs connection data, which can be useful in troubleshooting connectivity or application issues.

To report a problem:

  1. Tap Menu > Help > Report a Problem.
  2. Select a method for sending the logs (the choice varies by device depending on what you have installed). The easiest method is most likely email.
    • If you select email, an email will open with logs attached to the email and the To field will be auto-populated with Please describe the problem in the body of the email.
  3. Tap Send.

Troubleshooting Tips

Wi-Fi users can occasionally run into difficulties in connection, such as those listed here.

Duplicate SSID

The client identifies iPass Wi-Fi networks by their network name (SSID). A network name that duplicates a network name in the iPass Network directory will display the iPass logo, normally indicating that it is an iPass network. However, there are some circumstances where the indicated network is not actually an iPass location, such as the following:

  • The local provider is using a name that is also used by one of the iPass network providers.
  • The local provider has other locations that are part of the iPass service, but has excluded this particular location.

For more information, please see Incorrect Identification of Non-iPass Hotspots.

Failed Venue Login

On occasion, an association to a Wi-Fi access point is successful, but the log in to the venue fails because of a timeout, authentication failure, or some other error.

Connecting to an iPass network requires a successful association, but in addition, Open Mobile must also receive an IP address from the venue and it must be able to pass HTTPS communication to the access gateway. A weak signal can cause a failure in the IP address assignment or HTTPS communication. Moving closer to the access point, or moving to a location with a stronger signal, may resolve this situation.

Back-End Infrastructure Issues

Authentication errors can occur if the back-end authentication infrastructure is not available. This could be an outage at the provider, or with your RoamServer or AAA system.

Personal Wi-Fi

Some common issues that can occur for personal Wi-Fi access points include:

  • The home access point has MAC address filtering, which prohibits the user from communicating over it even if a successful association is made.
  • A weak signal prevents association.
  • The location is 802.1x-enabled. 802.1x connections are not currently supported.

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