Connect Before Logon

Users with Connect Before Logon enabled will be able to establish a network connection before logging on to Windows. Administrators can control the use of login scripts, password caching, mapping network drives to local drives, and other operations that require a network connection.


Connect Before Logon is a feature of the Open Mobile for Windows client only

  • Software Version: Open Mobile for Windows version 2.1.0 and later.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows Vista only.

Enabling Connect Before Logon

Administrators enable Connect Before Logon in the Open Mobile Portal.

To enable Connect Before Logon for a profile:

  1. After logging into the Open Mobile Portal, click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click Manage Profiles.
  3. Next to the profile that you would like to add this feature to, click Manage. Connect Before Logon is only enabled for Windows clients version 2.1.0 and later. For more information, please see Manage Profile.
  4. Next to Connect Before Logon, click Configure.
  5. Select Enable Connect Before Logon using the Integrated Microsoft Pre-Logon Access Provider (PLAP).
  6. In Allow the client to wait this many seconds before connection, enter the number of seconds the client should wait before establishing a network connection.
  7. If you are creating a profile for Windows 2.2.0 or later clients, you can specify an account for connecting to the Internet, logging on to Windows, and connecting to the Cisco AnyConnect VPN (if configured) by checking the box and selecting the account from the dropdown menu. An account assigned for Connect Before Logon must have a domain configured.
  8. Click Save.
If the Connect Before Logon (CBL) feature has been added to a profile after migrating the profile from an earlier version of Open Mobile, the user will have to reinstall the new version of Open Mobile. Connect Before Logon will not work if the user only performs a software update

Connection Process

To Connect Before Logon:

1. You may have to click Switch User from the Logon screen to navigate to the User screen. Click Network Logon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

2. If you have multiple connection clients, click the iPass icon.

3. Next to Connect to Internet, click the blue arrow.

4. After the Open Mobile client opens, select a network and click Connect.

If you click outside of the Open Mobile window in pre-logon mode, Open Mobile will be automatically minimized by Windows and you will have to type Alt + Tab to reopen the Open Mobile window.

5. Enter your Account Credentials (in pre-logon mode you have to enter your credentials every time). Click Continue. If your client was configured for Single Sign-On (and is version 2.2.0 and later), you may proceed to automatically connect to your VPN (if you have Cisco AnyConnect) and then you will be automatically logged on to your computer. Otherwise, proceed to step 6.

6. After connecting successfully, a dialog box will open. Click OK.

7. Optional: For all clients earlier than 2.2.0 or 2.2.0 clients with a VPN other than Cisco AnyConnect, to connect to a VPN that has been configured for pre-logon access, repeat the above instructions, and after you click the Network Logon button, select the VPN client from the row of tiles.

Connect Before Logon connections cannot be established after a usage limit has been reached.

You cannot save credentials or preferences in pre-logon mode.

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