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 +===== Account Information Tab =====
 +<note important>​This page is for internal iPass use only. Please visit the [[ca_account_information_tab|Child Account Information Tab]] help page for information on managing child accounts. </​note>​
 +Before adding any other information,​ you have to enter the new account’s name, roaming domain, and address.
 +=== Account Company Information ===
 +  * **New Account Name**: Enter the requested account'​s name (required).
 +  * **Roaming Domain**: Enter the requested child account'​s roaming domain, for example yourcompanyname.com (required).
 +  * **Region**:​Select the appropriate region from the options listed(required).
 +  * **Account Manager**: Enter the name of the person who will manage the new account (required).
 +  * **Regional Vice President**:​ Enter the name of the regional vice president (not required).
 +  * **Channel Manager (if applicable)**:​ Enter the name of the channel manager (not required).
 +Go to: [[account_management_tab|Account Management Tab]] > [[request_new_account_internal|Request a New Account]]

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