Active Deployment

This report should not be used for billing purposes.

The Active Deployment report displays all the devices that have connected or attempted to connect in the last 3 months. The report includes information on which client versions users have and in which month they connected using those clients.

Please note that a User ID can appear more than once if a user connects with multiple devices and a Client ID can appear more than once if multiple users connect with the same device.

The Search feature allows you to search for users based on their User ID, Profile ID, and Platform. You can also do a comprehensive search of all User IDs, all Profile IDs, and all Platforms.

Active Deployment Table

The blue bar atop the Active Deployment table displays the Total Active Users and Total Active Devices. This total amount is based on whatever type of filters you have used during your search.

An empty field likely indicates that we did not receive a record for that particular category.

The table contains the following columns:

  • User ID: A user's unique ID (which is the same across different types of reports).
  • Client ID: The unique ID assigned to the client when it is installed on a user's device.
  • Software Version: The version of Open Mobile used.
  • Platform: The computing platform (hardware & software) used to connect.
  • Operating System: The specific operating system running on a user's device when they connect.
  • Profile ID/Version: The Open Mobile profile a user connected to.
  • Last Attempt: The day in which a user last attempted to connect with either an initiated or inherited connection (whether that attempt was successful or not).
  • Last Successfully Initiated: The most recent day where a user connected with an initiated connection.
An inherited connection will not have user identification details and will have a dash (-) in the User ID field.

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