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 +====== Requesting a Production Account ======
 +<note important>​This page is for internal iPass use only. Please visit the [[add_production_account|Child Accounts Requesting a Production Account]] help page for information on managing child accounts. </​note>​
 +**To request a production account**:
 +  - Click **Add Production Account**.
 +  - Fill out the **Account Information** tab (required before you can move on). For more information click [[account_information_tab_internal|here]].
 +  - Fill out the **Contact Information** tab. For more information,​ click [[contact_information_tab_internal|here]].
 +  - Under **Terms and Conditions**,​ enter any **Comments** in the box.
 +  - When you are finished, click **Save**. Your request will be submitted to iPass, and you should receive a confirmation email once the form has been submitted. If you do not receive a confirmation or a response for iPass within a few days, email <​order_support@ipass.com>​.
 +Go to: [[account_management_tab|Account Management Tab]] > [[request_new_account_internal|Request a New Account]]

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