Connection Preferences

This feature allows users to customize their connection experience by creating lists of networks for Open Mobile to always prefer or ignore (regardless of available networks in the area).

  • Favorites List: Open Mobile will always try to connect to networks on a user's Favorites List first (if available). Users can add their preferred networks to their Favorites List by tapping Favorites List and then the plus button next to the appropriate network. A great example of a “favorite” network is a user's home Wi-Fi. Most likely, a user would rather connect to their home network than an iPass-enabled network in the area. iPass makes that possible.
  • Excluded Network List: For one reason or another, a user might want Open Mobile to ignore a specific network. Users can add networks to their Excluded Network List by tapping Excluded Network List and then the plus button next to the appropriate network. Open Mobile will completely ignore any networks on this list. A user might want to “exclude” a particular network if it interferes with their connection to a different, preferred network or if the user has their own account for a network and doesn't need Open Mobile to help them log in.

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