Hotspot Finder

Open Mobile includes a hotspot finder that enables users to locate iPass Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere in the world. Users can enter a location (address, city, zip code, or airport code) in the search box or use the list of nearby hotspots. Users should tap on a specific hotspot location on the list to reach a picture of the location along with the option to call the location or receive GPS directions.

The steps below describe the general process of how the hotspot finder works, while illustrating features and functions.

A custom hotspot finder can be configured for profiles in the Open Mobile Portal.

1. Tap the Hotspot Finder button () on the main screen.

2. Search for hotspots.

A list of nearby hotspots is available to users as soon as they tap on the Hotspot Finder button. Automatically, the nearest and most convenient hotspots are displayed. However, users can search for specific hotspots by:

  • address
  • city
  • zip code
  • airport code

3. Filter hotspots.

Tapping on the filters button () allows users to filter their hotspot search by:

  • hotel
  • restaurant
  • airport
  • distance

4. View hotspot details.

By tapping on a specific hotspot location from the list, the user can pull up detailed information about that location, like:

  • name of the establishment
  • address
  • GPS directions (to the location)
  • phone number
  • hours
  • company website

Users can use the Report Hotspot button () to notify iPass of any problem they encounter with a hotspot. Please see the Report Hotspot help page for more information.

5. View a map.

  • Tapping the map icon () will pull up a map that displays several hotspot locations.
  • Tapping the location icon () will bring up a list of nearby hotspots.
  • Tapping the Refresh Search button will refresh the hotspots present on the map.
Map view is not available when users are offline.

Find Hotspots Offline

For information on finding hotspots while offline or traveling, please visit Travel Preferences.

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