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 +======Notification Options======
 +Users can manage how often they receive notifications informing them that an iPass network is available. ​
 +{{ ::​notification_options.png?​250 }} 
 +**To manage notifications**:​
 +  - Drag down the notification bar when the **iPass hotspot available** message appears.
 +  - Open the iPass notification by dragging it down with two fingers (this takes place in the notification drawer).
 +  - Notification options:
 +     * Tap on **Snooze 8 hours** to turn off notifications for an eight hour period.
 +     * Tap on **Don'​t notify** to stop notifications. ​
 +**To restore notifications at any time**:
 +  - In the iPass welcome screen, tap the **Settings** icon on the top right side of the screen.
 +  - Tap the **Settings** option.
 +  - Find the **Notifications** toggle option and tap on **ON**.
 +Go to: **[[android_help|Open Mobile for Android Help]] > [[android_interface|User Interface]]**

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