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 +=====Assign a child company to a role====
 +**To assign a child company to a role:**
 +  - On the **Manage Roles** ​ list, select the role you want to assign users to, and then select **Manage Customer Assignment** ​ from the drop-down list.
 +  - Select the role. 
 +  - In the search box next to **Search for a customer**, enter the company name or company ID of the companies that you would like to assign. //**Note:** After entering search terms, any companies matching those terms will be highlighted below and they will remain highlighted after the search box has been cleared until another company is selected.// ​
 +  - Using the right arrow, move your selected company from the **Available Customers** ​ column to the **Assigned Customers** ​ column. You can unassign a company from a role by selecting the company and clicking the left arrow button. ​
 +  - Using the arrow controls, repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have you have assigned all desired users to the role.
 +  - Click **Save.**
 +[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​account_tab|Account Tab]] > [[manage_roles|Manage Roles]]

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