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 +====== Customize the Portal Dashboard ======
 +As part of Portal branding, carrier customers can customize the appearance of the Portal Dashboard with their own title and content. Typically, a custom Dashboard consists of news, company information, and useful links to external sites.
 +By default, the Dashboard consists of three tabs: **Getting Started, Training,** and **What’s New. ** If you choose to replace the Dashboard with your own content, these three tabs will be replaced with a single tab displaying your content.
 +Your content must be uploaded in a properly constructed XML file. You can download a sample XML file from the Portal branding page that illustrates the correct XML format.
 +===== Custom Dashboard XML =====
 +All content in the <MainPanel> node must be tagged with one or more of the following tags:
 +^ **Tag** ^ **Description** ^ **Attributes** ^
 +| <Text> | Standard text.  Width fixed at 100%.  | **wordwrap**: (required)  ‘true' or 'false' (required) default = true **style**: (optional) ‘normal' or  'heading' (default = normal)  |
 +| <Break>  | Line break. Can specify exact height spacing in pixels  | **height :** (optional) vertical spacing in pixels (default = 10px)  |
 +| <Hyperlink> | Standard anchor tag for links (will always launch link in external window).  | **href:** (required) URL such as 'http://www.ipass.com'  |
 +| <Section> | A container to group components with custom alignment and formatting.  | **align:** (required)  'horizontal' or 'vertical' (default = vertical) **paddingLeft:** (optional) left margin for section, in pixels (default = 0px ) **paddingRight :** (optional) right margin for section, in pixels (default = 0px)  |
 +Any of these tags can be used multiple times, to create as many of the appropriate elements as needed.
 +Use the **Preview** buttons to display a preview your custom content. This enables you to view the results of your XML and then revise as needed.
 +[[The Account Tab]] > [[Manage Portal Brands]] > [[Create a Portal Brand]]

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