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 +===== Brand Device Notifications =====
 +For Windows clients 2.0 and later, Device Notification will send a message to users running Open Mobile who attach a smartphone or tablet by USB cable if enabled. The message will contain information about the Open Mobile smartphone clients for iOS and Android.
 +**To customize Device Notification,​**
 +  - Click **Download English translation template**.
 +  - Edit the strings in the XML file (preserving the tags) and then save the file.
 +  - Return to the **Create Client Brand** page and click **Browse** next to U.S. English.
 +  - Navigate to the XML file that you saved and click **Open**. The file name will appear in the box.
 +**To localize Device Notification,​**
 +  - Click **Download English translation template**. If you would like to customize the strings, follow the steps above first.
 +  - Have the strings translated. You should make sure that the translator preserves the XML format and all of the tags.
 +  - After you receive the translations,​ return to the **Create Client Brand** page.
 +  - Next to the appropriate language, click **Browse**. Navigate to the translated XML file and click **Open**. The name of the translated file will appear in the box. Repeat this process for each translated language.

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