Brand Help File

As part of branding Windows and Mac OS X clients, you can include your own additional help file, which can supplement, or replace completely, the existing Open Mobile Help file. You can use additional help to detail company contact information, company-specific procedures or documentation, or other information you wish to display to users.

If you choose to use Additional Help as part of client branding, you must specify a title for the help as well as create the actual content for the help.

Additional Help Title

The additional help title will appear as an item on the Open Mobile Help menu.

Additional Help File

The additional help file content must be a single file of any type, up to 800 KB in size, with these restrictions.

Windows Restrictions:

  • A default reader or viewer for the file must be installed on the client computer and associated with the file type. For example, if you chose to provide Additional Help in PDF format, you must ensure that an appropriate PDF reader is installed on the client computer and that the reader will be invoked if the file is opened.
  • The filename extension must be registered (associated) with the viewer on the client computer.

Mac Restrictions:

  • The additional help title will appear as an item in the help menu. The content must be a single zipped HTML file that has been indexed by the Apple Help Indexer, up to 800KB in size, and conforms to the Apple Help style. For more information on creating Apple Help, please see Authoring Apple Help in the Mac OS X Developer Library.
  • The Help Index must contain the following strings:
    • <meta name=“AppleTitle” content=“Help Book”/>
    • <a class=“navlink_left” href=“help:anchor='access' bookID=Help Book”></a>
If HTML is chosen for the Additional Help file, it must be a single, local HTML file, but this HTML file can link to online content.

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