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 +======Buy Page======
 +The Buy Page allows end users to sign up for Open Mobile using their credit card information. Users are required to fill out the sections described below.
 +<​note>​The Buy Page is mobile friendly, which means it is easy to use on smartphones and tablets.</​note>​
 +=====Review Your Plan=====
 +In this section, the user should review their price plan(s), which includes **Region** and **Price**.
 +//NOTE: The price plan information visible to the user is based on what Region and Price was entered under Account Settings in the Open Mobile Portal (by an iPass admin).// ​  
 +=====Create an Account=====
 +Under the Create an Account section, the user must enter details such as:
 +    * **First Name**
 +    * **Last Name**
 +    * **Email Address**
 +    * **Username**
 +    * **Password**
 +    * **Confirm Password**
 +<note important>​ The password field will need to adhere to certain rules created by an iPass admin.</​note>​
 +=====Payment Information=====
 +Under Payment Information,​ the user must enter details such as:
 +    * **Card Holder Name**
 +    * **Card Number**
 +    * **CVV** (the 3-digit credit card code located on the back of the card)
 +    * **Expiration**
 +    * **Address**
 +    * **City**
 +    * **State/​Province**
 +    * **Postal Code**
 +    * **Country**
 +=====Newsletter===== ​
 +The newsletter option is automatically check marked. The user can click on the check mark next to **Get our newsletter!** if they do not want to receive the newsletter. ​
 +The user must click **Purchase** to finish the transaction.

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