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 +====== Pricing Tab ======
 +In the **Pricing** tab, select the pilot term and fees:
 +  * After **Pilot Term**, select **30 days**, **60 days**, or **Other**. If you select **Other**, enter the number of days in the box.
 +  * After **Pilot Fees**, select **One Time** (and enter the required one-time fee in dollars in the box), **Monthly Fees**, or **Waived**. If you select Monthly Fees:
 +    * If you select **Flat**, enter the monthly fee in dollars per month in the box to the right (required).
 +    * If you select **Per User**, enter the **Mobility Management User Fee** and **Network User Fee** in dollars per user in the following two boxes (both required).
 +Go to: [[request_child_account|Requesting a New Child Account]] > [[add_pilot_child_account|Requesting a Pilot Account]]

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