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 +====== Pricing Tab ======
 +In the Pricing tab, enter the following fields:
 +  * After **Ramp Period**, select the number of months for the ramp period (the period ends at the end of the last month).
 +    * If a ramp period is selected, enter the monthly change (in dollars) for each month in the ramp period. ​
 +  * After **Service Enablement Fees**, select **Basic**, **Premium**,​ or **None**, and then enter the **Service Enablement Fee** in the box (if necessary).
 +  * After **Service Type**, select **Open Mobile**, **Open Mobile Express**, or **Smartphone & Tablet** depending on whether the full client or the Express client will be available.
 +  * After **Pricing Type**, select [[ca_enterprise_flat_rate|Enterprise Flat Rate]], [[ca_usage_base_rate|Usage Base Rate]], [[ca_mobile_broadband_rate|Mobile Broadband Rate]], [[add_production_account_licensed_user| Licensed User]], or **Have someone contact me** (if you need to be contacted for the details).
 +Go to: [[manage_child_accounts|Manage Child Accounts]] > [[add_production_account|Requesting Production Account]]

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