Configuration Settings

Configuration settings are chosen on the Configure Profile page. The page enables you to configure the profile’s setting categories.

Applying Configuration Settings: Profile settings cannot be applied on a partial basis. When a profile is applied to a user's Open Mobile client, the user receives all of the settings associated with that profile: for example, all VPN settings, account definitions, and branding options.

Categories displayed on the Configuration page will dynamically change, depending on your choice of operating system and client version. If a category is not shown, it is not available for configuration in the profile.
Category Configuration Setting Description
Connectivity Accounts Configure a profile’s account definitions and authentication (required).
Networks and Policies Configure a profile’s connection settings and the network types that your users will connect to (such as Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, dial, and DSL).
VPN Integrate a third party Virtual Private Network to ensure a secure connection to corporate resources.
Client Look and Feel Branding Change the appearance of the Open Mobile client.
Integration Corporate Network Detection Set tests for corporate network connections.
Connect Before Logon Establish a network connection (and subsequent VPN connection) before logging on to Windows.
Windows Logon Processing Configure optional Windows logon processing.
Event Actions Configure actions triggered by connection events.
Quick Launch Set applications or URLs for user-initiated launch.
Login Assist Facilitate logins to frequently used Web sites.
Endpoint Security and Restrictions Set policies to be enforced when connected or disconnected from the Internet.
Run Once Packaging Deliver third-party software components.
Proxy Support Enable proxy login.
Conflict Detection Configure settings to enable Open Mobile to interoperate with other connection manager applications.
Connection Profiler Configure the Connection Quality Test (Speed Test and Connection Quality Indicator) for the Open Mobile client.
Custom Profile Attachments Configure settings to interoperate with third party connection clients.
Localization: Localization Management Localize custom messages.


If you click Select an action button in the top-right corner, a drop-down list with some or all of the following actions will display:

Edit Profile Details

Click the Edit link in the bottom right corner of the Profile Details box to open a dialog box.

In the Edit Profile Details dialog box you can:

  • Profile Name: You can change the profile name (with a maximum of 100 characters).
  • Profile Description: You can edit the profile description (with a maximum of 256 characters).
  • (Optional) PIN: PIN is only available for handheld profiles. You can add a PIN by clicking the check box. For more information see: iOS Profile, Windows Touch Profile, Windows Phone Profile, and Android Profile.
  • Allow Profile Replacement: You can allow or disable the option to Replace Profile. This feature only applies to Android 2.9.0 and iOS 3.3 version of Open Mobile.
Editing Profile Details will make these changes across all versions of the profile.

Go to: Portal Guide > Manage Profiles > Create a New Profile


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