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 +====== Configure Dial Networks ======
 +**Available for:​** ​ Windows clients.
 +Select **Enable Dial** ​ to allow Open Mobile to connect to dial-up access points.
 +<note important>​The iPass network of dialup access points also includes ISDN networks. Proper hardware for connection to ISDN networks is required.</​note>​
 +===== Authentication Format Override =====
 +**Available for:​** ​ Windows 1.4.1 and later clients.
 +You can specify the authentication format used by an account, with a format used just for Dial connections. These authentication formats will override the account’s default authentication format. Authentication tokens used in overrides must already be defined in the account.
 +**To specify an authentication format override for Dial connections:​** ​
 +    - In **Default** **Account** ​ drop-down list, select the account used for Dial connections.
 +    - In the **Authentication Format** ​ drop-down list, select whether to use the standard authentication format (default), or to override it with a new one. If override is selected, enter the new format.
 +    - Under **Include Unique Session ID**, select whether to use Unique Session ID for connections.
 +[[Configuration Settings]] > [[Connectivity]] > [[Configure Networks and Policies]]

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