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 +====== Configure Hotspot Finder ======
 +**Available for:​** ​ Android clients, iOS clients. ​
 +For clients later than Android 2.8.0 and iOS 3.2.0, there are two options:
 +  * **In-App Hotspot Finder**: The In-App Hotspot Finder provides the user with detailed venue information,​ a map, directions to hotspot locations, and other features. This option also give your users access to the [[android_interface_hotspot_finder&​|Hotspot Finder]] in offline mode. 
 +  * **Web Based Hotspot Finder**: ​ Choose this option to direct your users to a website with a Hotspot Finder. You can leave the default address in the **Hotspot Finder URL** field or enter a custom URL to direct users to your own Hotspot Finder website. If you choose this option your users will not have access to the hotspot finder in offline mode.
 +For earlier clients, you can choose the default or a custom Web Based Hotspot Finder.
 +[[Configuration Settings]] > [[Connectivity]] > [[Configure Networks and Policies]]

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