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 +====== Configure Manual Login ======
 +Add networks by SSID and Mac Address that the user will have to log into manually. This will prevent iPass from automatically logging into these networks with the user's iPass credentials. ​
 +**To add a network to the list:**
 +  - In the box next to **SSID**: enter the network'​s SSID (or network name). ​
 +  - In the box next to **Mac Address**: Enter the network'​s Mac Address. **Note:** If you do not know the Mac Address or do not want to enter it, enter ''​any''​ in the box (all lower-case).
 +  - Check that the SSID and Mac Address are correct, then click on the green **+** button.
 +  - The network will be added to the table. To remove the network, click on the red **-** button in the **Action** column.
 +  - When you are finished adding networks, click **Save**.
 +[[Configuration Settings]] > [[Connectivity]] > [[Configure Networks and Policies]]

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