Configure Networks and Policies

Network and policy settings control the networks to which your users can connect, and the behavior of Open Mobile concerning these networks.

Configure Networks

Choose the network types for which to enable connectivity in your Open Mobile client: Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Dial, and DSL. You must enable at least one network type or your users will not be able to connect.

Networks are collected in network directories. A network directory is a list of networks for a particular network type, such as Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, or Dial. Each network entry in the directory includes all of the necessary attributes to make a connection of that type. Many default iPass network directories are available for inclusion in profiles. In addition, customers can create their own custom network directories and include those in profiles. At this time, custom network directory types include Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband.

Before choosing networks, make sure you have configured at least one account definition.

To enable and configure a network type:

  1. Click Configure.
  2. Under Networks, choose one or more network types to enable.
  3. Select an enabled network type, and then click Configure.
  4. If required, choose an authentication format override for the connection type or directories.
  5. Assign any network directories for the connection type to the profile.
  6. Save your settings.

Configure Network Types

Depending on the client and version, you can configure the following network types.

Configure Available for
Mobile Broadband All Windows and Mac 1.2 or later clients
Wi-Fi All clients
Ethernet Windows only
Dial Windows only
DSL Windows only

Configure Network Policies

Network policies enable you to exercise control over user connectivity.

Configure Policy Types

Depending on you client and version, you can configure the following Policy Types.

Policy Available for
Connection Policy Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (2.6.0 and later) clients
Mobile Broadband Policy Windows clients 1.4.1 and later
Preferred and Prohibited Networks Windows (1.4.1 and later) and Android (2.0.0 and later) clients
Time-Based Session Limits Windows, iOS (3.2.0 and later), and Android (2.8.0 and later) clients
Manual Login iOS (3.2.0 and later), and Android (2.8.0 and later) clients

Advanced Configuration

Depending on your client and version, you can configure the following advanced configurations.

Configuration Available for
Internet Connection TestWindows clients
Hotspot FinderAndroid, iOS, and Windows Touch clients
Log DeliveryAndroid, iOS

Create a New Profile > Configuration Settings > Connectivity


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