Configure Time-Based Session Limits

To help control connection costs, you can set limits for the duration of Wi-Fi and Dial connection sessions. Currently, Time-Based Session limits may only be imposed on GIS access points.

To enable limits on the duration of Wi-Fi or dial sessions:

  1. Under Time-Based Session Limits, click Configure.
  2. Select Enable Wi-Fi Timeout, or select Enable Dial Timeout.
  3. In Time out after, enter the duration limit in hours and minutes.
  4. In On Timeout, select the action to be taken when the timeout arrives.
  5. In Warning Message, enter the message to be displayed to the user, or use the default.
  6. In Grace Period, select an interval before the timeout when the message will be displayed to the user.
  7. Click Save.

Go to: Configuration Settings > Connectivity > Configure Networks and Policies


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