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 +====== Configure Time-Based Session Limits ======
 +To help control connection costs, you can set limits for the duration of Wi-Fi and Dial connection sessions. Currently, Time-Based Session limits may only be imposed on GIS access points.
 +**To enable limits on the duration of Wi-Fi or dial sessions:​** ​
 +    - Under **Time-Based Session Limits**, click **Configure**.
 +    - Select **Enable Wi-Fi Timeout**, or select **Enable Dial Timeout**.
 +    - In **Time out after**, enter the duration limit in hours and minutes.
 +    - In **On Timeout,​** ​ select the action to be taken when the timeout arrives.
 +    - In **Warning Message**, enter the message to be displayed to the user, or use the default.
 +    - In **Grace Period**, select an interval before the timeout when the message will be displayed to the user.
 +    - Click **Save**.
 +Go to: **[[Configuration Settings]] > [[Connectivity]] > [[Configure Networks and Policies]]**

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