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 +====== Confirm Contract Status ======
 +If a child account does not have a contract status assigned to it yet, you can confirm the contract status here.
 +**To confirm the contract status:**
 +  -In the drop-down list after **Contract Status**, select either **Pilot** or **Production**.
 +  -Enter any comments in the box. You may want to give your reason for confirming the contract status here.
 +  -Click **Submit**.
 +<note tip>If you are trying to **Switch Company** to a child account that does not have a contract status, you will get a message to come to this page to confirm the contract status. After you have confirmed the status as **Pilot** or **Production**,​ the contract status will update, and you will be able to **Switch Company**. Your change and any comments you leave will be reviewed by iPass Order Management.</​note>​
 +Go to: [[child_accounts_tab|Child Accounts Tab]] > [[manage_child_accounts|Manage Child Accounts]]

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