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 +====== Deployment Status ======
 +This report provides information regarding user onboarding status. It covers the time a user is loaded into the Hosted User database up to the initial iPass Network connection. The **Deployment Status** report data range can go as far back as the prior 92 days.
 +The report is intended for Customer administrators and account managers who want to see the progress of user deployments. It helps an administrator see which users have activated a device, how many devices have been activated, or whether the user has made a successful connection. 
 +== Report Fields ==
 +The report contains the following fields:
 +   * First Name
 +   * Last Name
 +   * Username
 +   * Email
 +   * Status
 +   * Start Date 
 +           * Date the account was created
 +   * Activated 
 +           * Select Yes or No
 +   * Count of devices activated
 +   * First Connection Attempt:
 +           * Date of first attempted to connect to an iPass Network
 +   * First Successful Connection: 
 +           * Date of first successful iPass Network connection
 +   * Connection Attempted
 +           * If accounted was activated, Select Yes or No
 +   * Successfully Connected
 +           * If account connected, Select Yes or No
 +The **Deployment Status Reports** page
 +== Filter Criteria ==
 +Users can be filtered based on: 
 +    *Created Date range
 +    *Active users or All Users
 +The Company ID/Name  selection is visible if the signed in user is an iPass or a parent company user.
 +The Company ID/Name section is only available for iPass or the parent company users.
 +===To Get a Deployment Status Report===
 +  - Select **Deployment Status** from the **Reports** tab. 
 +  - In the Search box, select a
 +     *Company Name or ID. This option is only available for iPass or parent company users.
 +     *Created Date (for users who have created an account within the date range)
 +     *User: Active or All Users
 +  - Select **Go** when you have entered your criteria. 

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