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The Discussion plugin allows you to include a comments section at the bottom of any wiki page. To add a comments section, just put anywhere on your page:


After including this, removing it will not get rid of the comments section. To remove the comments section simply put anywhere on your page:


To disallow users to add comments but still keep the section, put:


You can also name the section anything you want to:

~~DISCUSSION:closed|Custom name for comment section!~~

Beneath this line is a tag which will create a comments section named “My Discussion Section” ~~DISCUSSION:closed|My Discussion Section~~

Last Modified Date

To use the lastmod plugin, simply type the following syntax:


You can specify a specific page to display the last modified date of by typing:


Last Modified

The Current page: 2012/08/01 18:33

Specified start page: 2017/04/05 18:00

Both Lastmod tests are displaying the last modified date for the start page. The first

Linking Files

Creating a Table

Name Address Phone Number
Fred Flintstone 222 Rocky Way 400-555-1212
Wilma Flintstone 345 Stonecave Rd. Bedrock
Dino Dinosaur 301 Cobblestone Lane 400-555-1212

Liberty Bell



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Testing if the page edit function is still working!!!!!!

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