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 +====== Editing a Profile ======
 +You can edit In Progress and Test profiles. Production profiles may not be edited.
 +**To edit a profile:​** ​
 +    - Click **Configuration | Manage Profiles**.
 +    - Find the profile you wish to view, and in the **Select an action** ​  ​dropdown menu next to the profile, select //Manage//.
 +    - On the **Configure Profile** ​  page, click **Configure** next to the configuration setting you would like to edit. If it is a production profile, click **Select an action** and select **Edit Profile**. This will create a new version that can be edited. ​
 +    - Edit the [[configuration_settings|configuration settings]] as needed, then click **Save**.
 +    - Continue editing configuration settings as desired.
 +    - To edit the profile description,​ at the top of the **Configure Profile** ​  page, in the blue bar, click **Edit**. For some clients, you can set or edit an activation PIN here (up to 50 alphanumeric characters in length).
 +    - If you wish to move this profile to testing, click **Publish to Test**. Otherwise, to save the changes to your profile without changing its status, click **Return to Profile Management**.
 +Go to: **[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​configuration_tab|Configuration Tab]] > [[:​manage_profiles|Manage Profiles]]** ​

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