End-of-Life for Legacy Features

End-of-Life (EOL) will occur on April 2, 2014.

On April 2, 2014, the following will reach their EOL:

  • Legacy Portal
  • iPass Fetch Script 1)

OM Portal Replacements/Alternatives

  • The Invoices and Payments page on the Open Mobile (OM) Portal is an alternative to the information found on the Billing tab of the Legacy Portal. Navigate to Account tab > Invoices & Payments.
  • Order forms are available by navigating to Account > Manage Account (if you manage child companies, navigate to Child Accounts tab > appropriate child company).
  • Easily manage, edit, and gather information on Mobile Data Devices. Navigate to Configuration tab > Manage Data Devices.
  • Subscribe to Service Alerts to keep up-to-date on important notifications. Navigate to Dashboard tab > Service Alerts > Manage Subscriptions.


Below, you will find a table describing reports that will no longer be available or that have been transferred to the OM Portal.

Report Type OM Portal Replacements Plan
PricePlan N/A EOL April 2, 2014
Reccount N/A EOL April 2, 2014
CDRs, Adjusted CDRs CDRs, Adjusted CDRs Moved
Service CDRs, Service Adjusted CDRs Service CDRs, Service Adjusted CDRs Moved
URA Report Threshold Alert EOL in Q4 2014

Custom Reports

The reports listed below will be available under Custom Reports in the OM Portal. To find Custom Reports, navigate to Reports tab > Custom Reports.

The Custom Reports feature will not be available until the Open Mobile Portal 2.21 release.
Report Type Similar Reports Plans
ClientUserReportNetwork & Client Users EOL in Q4 2014
ClientUserVersionReportNetwork & Client Users EOL in Q4 2014
ClientUserDomainReportNetwork & Client Users EOL in Q1 2015
MD_user_summaryN/AWill evaluate in Q1 2015
md_us_networka_fixedchargesN/AWill evaluate in Q1 2015
md_us_networkb_fixedchargesN/AWill evaluate in Q1 2015
Location_SummaryCDRs EOL in Q1 2015
Regional_Summary_CountryCDRs EOL in Q1 2015
Top_Records_SummaryCDRs EOL in Q1 2015
User_DetailCDRs EOL in Q1 2015
User_SummaryCDRsEOL in Q1 2015
User_Summary_Access_TypeCDRs, Connection SummaryEOL in Q1 2015
Summary_ReportReports Home, Service Summary, Active Deployment, Connection SummaryEOL in Q1 2015
iPass Fetch Script was never officially supported.

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