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 +====== Subscription Management Feature ======
 +The Subscription Management feature allows you to restrict a profile to a group or groups of users (set up in your LDAP server).
 +===== Prerequisite =====
 +The Subscription Management feature has the following prerequisites:
 +  * [[RoamServer Remote Manager]] (RSRM)
 +  * LDAP server with users assigned to groups.
 +===== Process =====
 +Setting up a Group Subscription is a simple two step process:
 +  - **[[profile_subscription|Profile Subscription]]**: Assign a common name (cn) group or groups to one or more profiles. **Note:** You need to have set up common name (cn) groups on your LDAP server first.
 +  - **[[group_subscription|Profile Authorization]]**: Review your assigned profiles and prioritize your groups (for users assigned to more than one).
 +===== Authorization =====
 +For profiles with common name (cn) groups assigned to them through [[profile_subscription|Profile Subscription]], authorization will occur every time the user connects to an iPass network, and users that are not a member of one of the groups assigned to that profile will be deactivated. As noted above, this feature requires an LDAP server accessible to a RoamServer Remote Manager (RSRM).
 +[[:portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:configuration_tab|Configuration Tab]] > [[:group_subscription|Group Subscription]]

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