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 +======Gogo Inflight on Windows Touch======
 +The instructions outline the special steps required when experiencing delays while connecting to Gogo Inflight with a Windows Touch device. ​
 +=====Connecting to Gogo Inflight=====
 +  - From the right bottom corner of the Windows Touch screen, swipe in an upward diagonal motion.
 +  - Tap or click **Settings**.
 +  - Tap or click the Wi-Fi networks icon (it shows bars of signal strength).
 +  - Tap or click on a **Gogo Inflight** network and select **Connect**. ​
 +      * If credentials haven'​t been entered, the Account page will appear and ask for a Username, Password, and Domain. Once these are entered, click or tap **Login** button.
 +  - After a few moments, a screen will appear asking the user for additional validation.
 +  - Enter the appropriate response in the **CAPTCHA** validation screen. ​
 +  - Click or tap on **Activate Service**. ​
 +  - Once login is successful, the Open Mobile welcome screen will appear and show the user they are connected.
 +=====Disconnecting from Gogo Inflight=====
 +  - Open the Charms bar by swiping your finger from the right edge of the screen or holding the curser on the top-right corner of the screen (if you are using a mouse) until it appears.
 +  -Tap or click **Settings**.
 +  -Tap or click the networks icon (it shows bars of signal strength).
 +  -Tap or click on the Gogo Inflight network to and select **Disconnect**.
 +Go to: **[[dokuwiki_other|Other Product Documents]] > [[tech_notes|Tech Notes]]** ​

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