Profile Authorization

The Profile Authorization page is where you can review the profiles assigned to each group and prioritize your groups (for users assigned to more than one).

For more information on how this features works, please see the Subscription Management page.

For information on assigning groups to a profile, please see the Profile Subscription page.

Profile Authorization Table

The Profile Authorization page displays a table of groups sorted by detailed columns.

  • Group Name/Assigned Profile: Displays the name of a group followed by the profile(s) assigned to that group.
  • Profile ID: Contains the 5-digit numeric identification automatically assigned to profiles when they're created.
  • Software: Displays the specific operating system (or platform) of the profile.
  • Version: Lists the version number of the profile.
  • Last Modified On: This column shows when a specific profile was assigned to a group.
  • Last Modified By: This column shows the user who assigned the profile to the group.

Authorization Settings Button

Set your Authorization Policies here. For more information, see Authorization Settings.

Group Validation Button

Click this button to validate all of the listed LDAP groups.

Group Priority Button

Group Priority allows you to prioritize groups. If a user activating a client belongs to more than one group, the profile assigned to the group with the highest priority is used to activate.

To set Group Priority:

  1. Click on the Group Priority button on the top right side of the screen.
  2. Under Available Groups, you can rearrange the order of groups by dragging and dropping items.
  3. Click on the Save button.

Go to: Portal Guide > Configuration Tab


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