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 +======Edit User Account======
 +On the **Edit User** page, you can edit a user's account details. The fields below are available for editing. ​
 +Please note that the last two items (Trial Period and Email Notification Settings) only appear for editing if the **Trial End Users** option was selected in Account Settings.
 +  * **First Name**
 +  * **Last Name**
 +  * **Email**
 +  * **CostCenter Code**
 +  * **Trial Period** (//Only the end date is available for editing--not the the beginning date of the trial period//.)
 +  * **Email Notification Settings**
 +<note important>​**User Account Information** (which includes **Username** and **Enable Portal Login**) can not be edited. Usernames can't be changed for billing purposes.</​note>​
 +Go to: ** [[:​account_tab|Account Tab]] > [[:​hosted_end_user|Hosted Users]]**

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