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 +======Import Cost Center======
 +<note important>​Currently,​ is it not possible to update a Cost Center ID with the **Import** feature.</​note>​
 +The Import option allows you to create and update a Cost Center. To import a Cost Center:
 +  - Click on the **Import** button atop the screen.
 +  - **Browse** for the appropriate file (must be a CSV file). For information on the required values, please see the section below or click on the **Download Sample Cost Center File** link located on the Import page.
 +  - Click **Upload**.
 +==Required Values==
 +The CSV file you upload must contain the following values:
 +  * costName
 +  * costId
 +  * childCompany
 +  * action ​
 +Go to: **[[:​account_tab|Account Tab]] > [[:​cost_center_management|Cost Center Management]]** ​

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