Importing an Open Mobile Profile Archive

Using a Profile-Only ZIP archive, which you can create on the Open Mobile Portal, you can import a profile into an existing local Open Mobile installation. Importing a profile makes use of the Open Mobile EPCmd command line utility.

To import a profile to an existing Open Mobile installation:

  1. Create the profile-only archive on the Open Mobile Portal.
  2. Download the archive to a transferrable medium or local shared drive.
  3. On the machine where the profile is to be imported, open a command prompt.
  4. Switch to the folder \Program Files\iPass\Open Mobile\omsi.
  5. Type: epcmd ipass.softwaremanager.applynewprofile ApplyProfile /overwrite “<ZIP File>”, where <ZIP File> is the full pathname to your ZIP archive, in quotes. The new profile will overwrite the settings of the old profile.It is important to supply the full path even if the profile-only zip resides in the same directory from which you run the command. The path name, in quotes, may include space characters.
  6. Exit the command prompt.

These steps are compatible with any popular enterprise deployment system.

Verifying the Profile Import

The active profile can be verified by checking the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\OM\MobilityClientConfig. The value of this key is the current active profile.

Administrator privileges are not required for this operation, since the profile will be applied by the iPlatform service, which runs in the system context (and therefore, has system context capabilities).

Note that importing a profile will not deploy to an entire user base, but must be performed locally on each installation to which the profile will be imported.

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