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 +======Integrating Cisco AnyConnect VPN with Open Mobile======
 +Open Mobile supports integration of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN, version 2.3.x through 3.0. The following issues should be taken into consideration when integrating Open Mobile with Cisco AnyConnect.
 +=====AnyConnect 3.0 Issues=====
 +For AnyConnect 3.0, full API support is only available for Windows 1.4.1 clients and later, and includes only the VPN component and DART.  These features of AnyConnect 3.0 can cause issues and conflicts with Open Mobile: ​
 +====Network Access Manager (NAM)====
 +The NAM component is an 802.1x supplicant and Wi-Fi manager. When installed and enabled, it will prevent Open Mobile from managing any Wi-Fi connections. If you choose to use NAM on the same machine as Open Mobile, modifications must be made to your Open Mobile profile settings so that the two are not operating at the same time.
 +  * The NAM component must be shut down before Open Mobile can manage Wi-Fi connections. ​
 +  * The Open Mobile profile must have Auto-Connect disabled, along with any event actions that fire when the user launches Open Mobile, or when the user disconnects.
 +It is highly recommended that you engage your iPass Sales Engineer or Technical Consultant for assistance with configuring Open Mobile to function properly with the NAM component.
 +====Optimal Gateway Selection====
 +The Optimal Gateway Selection feature can cause the Open Mobile Auto-Connect feature to fail. 
 +====Always On VPN====
 +The Always On VPN setting can cause conflicts with features enabled by Open Mobile, such as Auto-Teardown.

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