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 +====== Invoice History ======
 +The **Invoice History** page displays all invoices or vouchers with iPass. By default, the page displays invoices and vouchers for the current month, but you can use the calendar control to specify a date range.
 +Invoices and vouchers can be sorted by date, number, due date, and amount.
 +You can view the details of invoices and vouchers by selecting that action from the drop-down list. If the option is available, you can also view the [[payment_history|payment history]] of invoices or download the PDF of invoices and vouchers.
 +<note important>​There will be a new invoice format targeted for August of 2013. For more information please see [[new_invoice_format_2013|New Invoice Format]].</​note>​
 +[[:​portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[:​account_tab|Account Tab]] > [[:​invoices_and_payments|Invoices and Payments]] ​
 +{{tag>​invoices open_mobile_portal}}

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