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 +======Account Settings======
 +<note important>​If the credential-free authentication feature has been configured, users will not see the **Account Settings** option.</​note>​
 +You must enter your iPass credentials before logging in to an iPass network. ​
 +**To enter your account credentials:​**
 +  - Tap **Settings**.
 +  - Tap **Account Settings**.
 +  - Enter your **Username, Password, Domain**, and **Prefix** (optional) by tapping on each box and using the keyboard.
 +  - Tap **Save.**
 +<​note>​To enable Auto-Login, slide **Auto-Login** to **ON**. If Auto-Login is enabled, you will be logged in automatically when you are within range of a local network.</​note>​
 +Go to: **[[ios_interface|User Interface]] > [[ios_settings|Settings]]**

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