iOS Branding Elements

The complete list of client branding options includes the items shown in the table. If no element is selected, the default is used. Default images are illustrated in the Portal.

Each column in the following tables indicates the file type or requirement. If the requirement is an image file, the file dimension is given in pixels. When creating a brand, only the Brand Name and Software Version is required. All others elements are optional.

An interactive Image Map labels each of these elements, showing a live preview of your brand as you create it.

iOS version 2.1.0

Client Elements Requirement
Brand Name
Brand Name Alphanumeric string, max 35 characters. Required.
Software Version 2.1.0
Logo 250px (w) x 250px (h), PNG format , file size max 150 KB
Image File Types: Open Mobile requires two image file types in branding: .PNG (Portable Network Graphics format) and .ICO (Icon format) files. PNG files are used for many branding elements because, unlike other image formats, they are highly scalable, universal across platforms, and low-loss. ICO files are required by Windows for correct display on the Windows taskbar. Note that ICO files, in particular compressed ICO files, may not display consistently on all Windows platforms. Both of PNG and ICO file types are easily created in many image editor applications.

The Configuration Tab > Manage Brands > Create a Client Brand



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