Login Settings


When enabled, this setting lets Open Mobile automatically log a user in to an iPass network after their device detects the network and connects to it.

Exclude Networks

For one reason or another, a user might want Open Mobile to ignore a specific network. A user might want to “exclude” a particular network if it interferes with their connection to a different, preferred network or if the user has their own account for a network and doesn't need Open Mobile to help them log in.

Users can add networks to their Current Excluded Networks by:

  • Tapping Frequently excluded networks where they can select a network that other Open Mobile users frequently exclude. (Includes an example below.)
  • Tapping Recent networks where they can select a network that their device has recently detected.

  • Tapping Other and entering a specific network name. (Includes an example below.)

User can take networks off their Current Excluded Networks list by:

  • Tapping Edit and then deleting the appropriate network.

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