This page describes the architecture for iPass Open Mobile version 2.2.0 or later.

File Locations

Open Mobile installs files to the following folders:

Default Install Folders

  • /Applications/iPass Open Mobile


  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassLogger.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPasscommon.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassMBCDMADevice.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassMBConnection.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassMBDevice.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassMBGSMDevice.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassMBIORegistryParser.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassMBLogger.framework
  • /Applications/<ApplicationName>/Contents/Frameworks/iPassModemComm.framework

Application Support

  • /Library/Application Support/iPass/iPass Open Mobile


  • /Library/CrashReporter
  • /Users/<User Name>/Library/Logs/CrashReporter


  • /Users/<User Name>/Library/Application Support/iPass/iPass Open Mobile


  • /Users/<User Name>/Library/Preferences

Custom Profile Attachment

  • /Users/<User Name>/Library/Application Support/iPass Open Mobile/Directory/<Custom Folder Name>

Internet Connection Testing

Upon connecting, Open Mobile performs an Internet Connection, which is also known as an amion (“Am I On?”) test.

An HTTP request is sent, by default, to an iPass Web “sniff” server ( or If a valid response to the request is received, Open Mobile proceeds with actions requiring an Internet connection, such as VPN launch or any other configured event actions.

Open Mobile does not use proxy settings when performing the amion test. The test performs its own HTTP request to the configured server. If this connection is made through a proxy server, the client connection status will show that the client is associated but not connected.

To resolve this, you can whitelist the configured sniff servers, which will allow the amion HTTP request to pass through to the Internet. Please see Required Configurations for Open Mobile Access for a full list.

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