User Interface

Open Mobile enables you to connect to thousands of access points worldwide, using the global iPass network, private corporate access points, or even personal access points that you can define. You can use any of several connection types, including Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and dial, and securely access to both the Internet and your corporate resources. You will need valid iPass credentials to log in to your selected access point.

Your exact Open Mobile capabilities may vary from the general description given here, as different enterprises may enable different types of connections. Check with your support Help Desk for more information on the specifics of your Open Mobile configuration.

Available Networks

Open Mobile displays the Available Networks, along with the signal strength for each. Upon launch, the user is provided with a recommended network to quickly connect to. The Available Networks listing can display accessible Mobile Broadband, Wi-Fi, and personal networks.

  • If a Mobile Broadband device is connected, Open Mobile will automatically scan for Mobile Broadband network.
  • If Wi-Fi is on, Open Mobile will automatically scan for local Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • If Ethernet is connected, Open Mobile will automatically detect the network and inherit the connection.

Status Item

When Open Mobile is running, you will see an Open Mobile icon on the right-side of the menu bar. The icon will have a check if you are connected to a network and a cross if you are not connected.

Clicking on the icon will enable:

  • A connection to a network.
  • Disconnection from the network (if connected).
  • Opening the application.
  • Turning your VPN on or off.

Clicking on the settings button can open Hotspot Finder, Preferences, Help, or quit Open Mobile.

Go to: Open Mobile for Mac Help


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