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 +====== Quick Launch ======
 +You can configure commonly used applications,​ scripts and web sites, which a user can choose to launch directly from Open Mobile. Quick Launch items can include local applications or scripts, or web site URLs. (A web site URL will load in the default Web browser.)
 +Quick Launch items are displayed in the Quick Launch Toolbar.
 +<note tip>One useful URL to use for Quick Launch is the iPass Hotspot Finder, [[http://​hotspot-finder.ipass.com/​|http://​hotspot-finder.ipass.com/​]],​ to enable your users to quickly and easily locate Wi-Fi hotspots.</​note>​
 +**To add a Quick Launch item**: ​
 +  - Click **Add Application/​URL**. ​
 +  - Enter values for the following:
 +    * **Name**: Enter the name of the application as it will appear in Quick Launch menu. 
 +    * **Description**:​ Type a short description of the application. ​
 +    * **Type**: Select whether the item is an application or URL.
 +    * **URL/​Application Path:** Enter either a complete URL (which will open in the user’s default browser) or a local application path. 
 +    * **Arguments**:​ Enter any arguments the application needs to run. If there is more than one argument, separate them by space characters. ​
 +    * **Icon**: Click **Browse** and then browse to the application’s icon file. The icon will be displayed in the Open Mobile Quick Launch toolbar. ​
 +  - If Open Mobile should automatically connect to the Internet when this application is Quick Launched from the system tray, click the corresponding checkbox. ​
 +  - If Open Mobile should automatically connect to corporate resources by VPN when this application is Quick Launched, click the corresponding checkbox. ​
 +  - Click **Save**. ​
 +==== About Quick Launch Toolbar Icons ====
 +When uploading toolbar icons, the icon file should follow these standards:
 +    * PNG file, 24px (w) X 24px (h) size, with a maximum file size of 11KB.
 +    * The graphic should touch all edges of the image (no transparent borders).
 +For more information on configuring Quick Launch in a profile, see [[quick_launch|Quick Launch]].
 +Go to: **[[:​mac_help|Open Mobile for Mac Help]]** ​
 +{{tag>​quick_launch mac}}

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