VPN Integration

Open Mobile for Mac can be integrated with Juniper and Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN applications, providing the user with a smooth, safe connection experience. VPN integration allows Open Mobile to initiate, monitor, and end VPN connections. VPN integration is not required for Open Mobile, and users can still launch VPN solutions independently.

Integration Options

The following options are available to configure your VPN integration.

Option If Configured…
Auto Launch Launches the VPN automatically after a successful Internet connection.
On-Demand Displays a VPN connect function (a switch) in the user interface, which can be used to connect or disconnect to the VPN. VPN On-Demand can be used with or without the VPN Auto Launch feature.
Credential Pass-Through Passes the username and password to the VPN client upon launch. If the user credentials that are being used for Internet authentication are the same as for the VPN client, the user only needs to enter this information once instead of twice. If the Open Mobile and VPN credentials differ, Open Mobile can be configured to also hold the user’s VPN username. It can also hold the password for a configurable time period that will prevent the user from having to re-enter the VPN password if moving in and out of range of a network and have their VPN connection lost.
Auto-Teardown Automatically disconnects an Internet session when a VPN connection is lost. Useful if you want users to have a VPN connection whenever connected to the Internet.
Run Hidden Hides the VPN GUI of some VPN products from the user. VPN Run Hidden reduces the number of windows the user sees and makes the connection process look smoother when utilizing the VPN auto-launch feature.
Auto-Reconnect You can configure the number of times Open Mobile will try to reconnect to the VPN before auto-teardown disconnects the user from the Internet. This option is useful when the VPN has been unintentionally disconnected.

Supported VPNs

Open Mobile supports the following VPN products:

Manufacturer Notes
Cisco AnyConnect SSL: Version 2.4 or later.
Juniper Version 6.x, must use Network Connect (and must be set to automatically initiate a Network Connect session after login).

For more information, please see Configure VPN

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