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 +====== Manage Child Accounts ======
 +A list of child accounts is on the left side of the page. You can sort them by Customer Name or ID (by clicking on the header of either row). To search for a child account, enter the search term in the box (at the top of the table) and press Enter. When you select a child account in the list, a link to view that child account’s Service Requests or to setup an authentication request will appear on the right. To request a new child account, click the **Add New Child Account** button, and to view a list of requested accounts, click the **View Requested Child Accounts** link.
 +===== Topics =====
 +<note important>​Depending on the roles you have, some of these options may not appear.</​note>​
 +**On this page you can:**
 +  * [[request_child_account|Add a New Child Account]]
 +  * [[view_requested_child_accounts|View Requested Child Accounts]]
 +  * [[view_all_order_requests|View All Order Requests]]
 +  * [[resign_contracts|Re-sign Contracts]]
 +  * [[confirm_contract_status|Confirm Contract Status]]
 +  * [[request_cancellation|Request Cancellation]]
 +  * [[child_account_history|View Request History]]
 +  * [[add_a_new_service|Order Additional Services]]
 +  * [[request_authentication|Request Authentication]]
 +  * [[cdr_settings|Configure Call Detail Record (CDR) Settings]]
 +  * [[request_new_cards| Request New Mobile Broadband Cards]]
 +  * [[report_subscription|Report Subscription (Subscribe to Hosted User Report)]]
 +Go to: **[[portal_guide|Portal Guide]] > [[child_accounts_tab|Child Accounts Tab]]**
 +{{tag>​child_accounts open_mobile_portal}}

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