Manage Roles

You manage access to the Open Mobile Portal by assigning roles to your users. A role is comprised of privileges enabling the performance of tasks or granting access to information. For example, a role called Service Rep could include privileges to grant access to sections of the Open Mobile Portal that includes support-related information.  Any users with that role would have all the privileges included in the role.

The Open Mobile Portal includes several pre-defined roles, and, in addition, you can create your own.

Administering Roles

When iPass provisions Portal accounts, the User Admin role enables you to assign roles to other users. You should use the User Admin role to create other roles for your organization as needed, and then assign users to the new roles. You can use the roles included in the User Admin role, or create other roles to fit your needs.

Parent-Child Roles

Roles can be defined as children of other roles. A role that is a child of another role will inherit all the privileges of its parent role, as well as including additional privileges unique to that role. A user assigned to the child role will have all of the privileges of the child role, as well as all the privileges of any roles that are its parents.

To define a role as the parent of another role, assign the role just as you would assign privileges to the role.

For example, Role A includes two child roles: Role B and Role C. Any users assigned to Role B will have all the privileges of Roles A and B, but not of Role C.

A role can have any number of parents and any number of children. However, a role that is the parent of another role may not also be defined as the child of the same role.


Roles are comprised of privileges, which enable access to specific tasks or views in the Open Mobile Portal. Privileges always enable, and never disable, access. For example, users in a role with Privileges A and B can perform tasks A and B. A privilege will never prevent a user from performing a task, or cancel other privileges.

Privileges cannot be assigned directly to users. Instead, privileges are included in roles, which are then assigned to users.

The scope of a privilege defines its domain of influence over users in parent and child companies. A privilege's scope may be indicated by a prefix before its name.

Prefix Naming A user having a privilege with this prefix can affect…
None None A function in the same company
^: Delegated A function in the same or child company
*: iPass A function in any company
v: Customer A function in any child company

For a table of which privileges are required for which Open Mobile Portal page, please click here: Open Mobile Portal Privileges Table

Managing Roles


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