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Available for Open Mobile resellers, a Service Package is a collection of all services offered by a carrier or partner, and delivered to the carrier or partner’s customers. You can define your Service Packages to address the needs of different market segments.

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About Service Packages

A Service Package can include:

  • A selection of client software platforms and versions. You can include all clients for a certain operating system (such as Windows or iOS), or choose a subset of client versions (for example, only Windows 2.0.1 clients). Any customers assigned to a Service Package will be restricted to only those clients included in the Package. For example, you create a Service Package consisting of only Android and iOS clients. Customers assigned to this Package will only be able to create client profiles for the indicated versions of the Android and iOS clients. Each subsequently released version of a client has to be manually added (it will not be automatically added).
  • Client configuration options. These options include whether to show the iPass label in your client, and whether to permit the customer to co-brand the client with their own logo.
  • Portal branding options. You can choose a Portal brand which will be seen by all customers assigned to the Service Package.
  • A selection of Open Mobile Insight Reports. You can select which Open Mobile reports will be accessible to the customer.

You should be familiar with how to define and manage Open Mobile profiles before defining a Service Package. See Manage Profiles for more information.

New Versions of Open Mobile

Note that a Service Package only includes the versions of the software you have chosen explicitly. As new versions of Open Mobile become available over time, you must opt to include these in any of your existing service packages in order for the new versions to become available to customers. They will not be added to your existing service packages automatically.

Adding a version of Open Mobile to a published service package is simple: Edit the service package, and select the box corresponding to the new Open Mobile version. Then, save the service package, and re-publish it. Customers assigned to the service package will then be able to create profiles corresponding to the new version of Open Mobile.

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