Migrating a Profile to a New Software Version

Production profiles created for some versions of Open Mobile can be migrated to new versions of the Open Mobile software. You can migrate Open Mobile 1.4.1 profiles to Open Mobile 1.4.3, a Open Mobile 1.4.x profiles to Open Mobile 2.0.1.

However, a new version of Open Mobile may include different settings than those used by an earlier version, or even include entirely new features. The Profile Migration tool enables you to compare these different or new settings between the two software versions and then decide whether to perform the migration.

You can only migrate a profile that is in production.

Updating the Profile

The migration process creates a new version of the profile, with a status of In Progress, which you can configure, deploy to test, and eventually publish.

For example, production profile P1 has a profile version number of 2.000, and was created for the 1.4.1 version of Open Mobile for Windows. You wish to migrate P1 to use with Windows version 1.4.3. After migration, you would have a new version of P1, named P2, with a version number of 2.001 and a status of In Progress. P2 would be treated like any other In Progress profile, and could be configured, deployed to test users, and eventually pushed to production.

To migrate a production profile to a new software version,

  1. From the list of profiles, select the production profile you wish to migrate to a new software version, and click Manage.
  2. On the Configure Profile page, in Action, select Migrate from the drop-down list. The Migration wizard will launch.
  3. Review the profile parameters and click Start.
  4. In Migrate software version to, select a new software version from the drop-down list, and then click Next.
  5. On the Compare Features dialog, review the feature comparison between the two versions. A checkmark indicates a feature that is supported in the specified software version, while New indicates a feature that is new in the more recent software version. You may need to select values for these new features.
  6. After reviewing the differences, click Migrate. The migration is performed.
  7. Click Next to review your results.
  8. Click Close.

Next Steps

The migrated profile (which will now have a status of In Progress) can now be sent through the normal profile lifecycle: from In Progress, to Test, and then to Production. Users with the migrated profile will automatically be prompted to update their profiles to receive the new version, and to download the new Open Mobile software to accompany it, using the regular update process.

When migrating a Windows 1.4.x client to Windows 2.x, the migrated client will receive the newer Windows 2.x skin. To emulate the older UI, you can create a brand with the same look and feel as the older client and include it in the profile.

Go to: Configuration Tab > Manage Profiles > Configuration Settings


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