Open Mobile Express

Open Mobile Express, also called Open Mobile Lite, is a version of Open Mobile for Windows that includes limited, simpler functionality than Open Mobile for Windows. Open Mobile Express only enables Wi-Fi connections and subsequent VPN connections. Other connection types (such as Mobile Broadband), and integration capabilities (such as Quick Start, Event Actions, and Login Assist) are not supported by Open Mobile Express.

The advantage of using the limited Open Mobile Express client is that the executable requires less memory than does the full version of Open Mobile for Windows. This lighter memory footprint makes it ideal for users who do not require the connection and integration capabilities supported by the full version of Open Mobile for Windows, or, alternatively, for users running systems with limited memory.

Open Mobile Express is only available for the Windows platform, and uses the same version numbers as the regular Open Mobile for Windows client. (The use of the same version number implies identical capabilities for the subset of features included in Open Mobile Express.) Open Mobile Express is available for Open Mobile 2.1 and later. If Open Mobile Express is running, a process called omlite.exe will run on the user's system.

Individual Windows users who sign up for iPass’ Open Mobile Express consumer offering receive the Open Mobile Express client.

Using Open Mobile Express

While Open Mobile Express is running, and the application detects a local network, the system tray will display a popup message: “Open Mobile: One or more known networks are detected. To connect to a network, click this message.” The user can click on the popup to make a network connection.

User Interface

The Open Mobile Express user interface is very similar to that of Open Mobile for Windows. However, the Available Networks list will only include local Wi-Fi networks.

For Options, only the appropriate application options are supported (Preferences, Accounts, Usage and Wi-Fi).

For a discussion of Open Mobile Express features and operation, see the online help system in the application under Help. (This help file is identical to the one found in the full application, so many of the features described will not apply to an Open Mobile Express client.)

The System Tray Menu

When Open Mobile Express is running, use the system tray icon for quick access.

  • Double left-click the system tray icon to display the Open Mobile Express user interface.
  • Right-click the system tray icon to display a context menu. This includes two selections:
    • Options: The Options dialog enables adjustment of the Network check interval (the interval in seconds that Open Mobile scans for an available network) and setting of the application’s Preferred Language.

  • About: The About dialog displays version information.

Creating an Open Mobile Express Profile

An Open Mobile Express profile may only include a subset of the capabilities of the full Windows client.

To create an Open Mobile Express profile on the Open Mobile Portal, follow the instructions for creating Open Mobile profiles.

  • For Platform, select Windows.
  • For Software Version, select Open Mobile Lite <version>, where <version> is the version number for which you wish to create a profile.

These settings are supported in the creation of Open Mobile Lite profiles:

  • Accounts
  • Networks and Policies (Wi-Fi connections and Internet Connection tests)
  • VPN Integration (all VPNs supported for the full version of Open Mobile are supported)
  • Branding (all branding capabilities supported)
  • Proxy Support
  • Localization Settings (for versions 2.1.0 and later)

Open Mobile Lite profiles are not compatible with the full version of the Windows application. Likewise, you may not use a Windows profile with the Open Mobile Express client.

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