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 +======Ping Test======
 +To ping test the RoamServer:
 +  -**Test Type:** Select **Ping (Auto generated username)** from the drop-menu. ​
 +  -**Target Type:**
 +     * //First Available RoamServer://​ Test the first available RoamServer.
 +     * //All RoamServers://​ Test all roam servers.
 +     * //Enter IP and Port:// Input the roam server details to enter a roam server.  ​
 +     * //Choose Specific RoamServer://​ Choose a roam server (by IP address) from the drop-down list (if available). You can select //​multiple//​ roam servers at once.
 +  -**Transaction Server:** Select a server from the drop-down menu.
 +  -Click **Ping**.
 +Go to: **[[:​tools_tab|Tools Tab]] > [[roam_server_test_tool|RoamServer Test Tool]]** ​

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